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Prudential Ride London 46

Here’s my review from my perspective of this weekend’s RideLondon 46, hope it gives just a little flavour of the ride and day in general.

Firstly a big thank you to Michelle Weltman and all that helped with the organisation and logistics of getting a bunch of wayward hand cycles and their riders from the start to the finish and then us all back to the starting point at the end. Thank you, it’s really appreciated.

The day starts early, depending on where you’re travelling from and the anticipated road closures with travel disruption, it was a very welcome sight getting to the tennis centre in the Olympic park to assemble, get bikes together and hand over day chairs etc to be sent on to The Mall finish.

I perhaps alone in thinking that our wave ‘load time’ being an hour before the ride start was a bit overkill. However, on seeing the thousands of cycles all being perfect choreographed in their journey around the Olympic park to the start line, on time without any hassle was the first glimpse of how well the day was going to run. Note to the organisers, don’t get me to organise anything like this, as there would still be people trying to get over the start line a day later.

Once over the line and the ride starts at a gentle pace heading north onto the closed roads of the route and a first flour of how great it is to ride on a closed dual carriageway leading into central London. We’re all familiar with driving through the tunnels, yet on a handcycle with hundreds of riders around it’s akin to being in some kind of video game, zipping past the ab riders downhill on perfectly smooth wide roads in the artificial light of the tunnels. Amazing!

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